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Planning & Building Control

We are more than happy to advise you on specific sites. If required we will carry out an application on your behalf, acting as your agent and negotiating with the local authority on your behalf

Planning Permission

Planning Permission is not usually required unless:

  • Your conservatory exceeds 3000mm in depth for terrace or semi detatched properties, or 4000mm for detatched properties. These sizes are measured from the original property not any previous extensions
  • If you are extending the building line of the house towards a highway within 20m an application will also be required if that highway is to the rear or the side of your property.
  • Certain areas such as Whiteley and Denmead have their permitted development rights withdrawn and as such require an application in every instance
  • Any part of the conservatory exceeds 4m high within 1m of the boundary or if the conservatory is either on a second floor or any part exceeds the original building in height

You may also need to check if your house is a 'new build' as developers sometimes have restrictions placed upon them.

Building Regulation Approval

Conservatories do not require building regulation approval if they comply with the following:

  • Has a roof made of less than 75% transparent or translucent material
  • Has no more than 50% solid walls, (no more than half of the wall area should be brickwork or masonry)
  • Has a floor area in excess of 30 square metres
  • Are at ground level
  • Is permanently separated from the rest of the house by an exterior quality lockable door
  • Has thermostatically controlled heating
  • Is not being attached to a listed building
  • Does not contain sanitary or drainage facilities (one of the likeliest reasons for a conservatory requiring Building Regulation approval is that all or part of it is being used as a kitchen)
  • Satisfies the Building Regulations with regard to toughened or safety glass
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