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Heat Exchangers

We supply & install Conservatory heaters that are not only highly energy efficient but are also some of the most stylish conservatory heaters in the UK, they will heat your conservatory and reduce your heating costs by up to 80%.

In addition all of these systems will cool & dehumidify your conservatory.

Owning a conservatory is one thing... utilising it to its full potential is an entirely different matter, having one of our conservatory heaters / coolers, you will able to use your conservatory all year round.

Please take the following in to consideration. Having invested in your own unique conservatory, it's essential you create a room that is perfect for relaxing with friends and family regardless of the season. All too often the weather dictates when you use your conservatory, which very often makes it under utilized all winter and summer.

Temperatures go from unbearably cold in the winter and unpleasantly hot in the summer. Visually, a conservatory is always an attractive and inviting room, but these extreme temperatures make it impossible to relax in.

Heat pump air conditioning is the ideal and most efficient solution for this problem, heating and cooling your conservatory all year round.

A heat pump system works much more efficiently and saves more energy than a traditional heating system. With a heat pump 1kW of electricity consumption generates 3 to 4kW of heat; in comparison the traditional heater uses 1 kW of power to generate 1kW of Heat.

These units are plain, simple yet elegant. With a colourful LCD Display, they have a real hi-tech modern look, and will compliment any wall in a room.They are available in 3 different sizes

  • 2.6kw - Toshiba compressor
  • 3.6kw - Toshiba compressor
  • 5.3kw - Hitachi compressor

These extremely reliable, highly efficient systems are probably the best value air conditioners in the UK today.

We are extremely proud of the simple yet eye catching designs we are offering, giving the end user something that looks far more stylish than just a wall mounted radiator. These units have a Quality feel about them and they fully conform with European standard, with ROHS, CE, CB TUV & EMC certifications.

Each system is remote controlled and comes pre-charged with enough gas for a 5m pipe run. Each one also comes with 3.6m of interconnecting cable and copper coil pre-lagged and pre-flared and just about everything else you need for a back to back install.

We offer a commissioning service to assist the building trades and diy'ers who wish to install these units for themselves. Please check we cover your area first.

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